Where am I?  What is this website?

This is simply my personal website.  A place to post projects, experiments, thoughts, musings, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Who is this website for?

Myself, and anybody who happens to find interesting the things I post here.  Many of my postings will be technical in nature.  Topics of interest range from electrical & electronics projects, alternative energy, self sufficiency topics, to occasional political musings.  If you are more interested in building and creating technology than the newest release of i-junk, then you may occasionally find something of interest here.  If you believe in such things as: voluntarism, the non aggression principle, freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and self determination, then you may have even stumbled across a kindred spirit.

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Oregon, and I’m currently an Oregon resident.  I’ve worked on farms, in wineries, repair shops, manufacturing facilities, I’m currently self employed, and holding down a day job in an engineering & project management capacity.  I have more than a dozen years of manufacturing experience in various disciplines.  I have designed and built process equipment and electronic control systems for industrial processes.  I am experienced working with electricity from low voltage DC to 480VAC 3P systems.  I’ve designed and manufactured various products.  I can turn a wrench, run a welder, design a circuit board, and patch a car back together in the middle of nowhere with duct tape & vise grips.  Some of the job titles I’ve held are: fabricator, welder, service technician, millwright, systems integrator, engineering, and management positions.

Should I attempt to copy a project I see on your site?

If you have to ask that… then probably not.  Nothing on this website is meant to be a how to guide.  You will find that articles will routinely leave out important technical details and even safety related details.  I am more concerned with showing the projects and concepts in a broader sense than providing a step by step guide to anything.  Many of the things you’ll find on this website involve hazards that may not be outwardly apparent.  This site will feature things that can injure, maim, kill, blind, poison or otherwise be a harm to life.  Before attempting anything you see around these parts, you should perform an honest assessment of your abilities.  Familiarize yourself with the Dunning-Kruger effect, because your ability to continue drawing breath could very well hinge on knowing what side of that cognitive bias you fall on.  If you do decide to forge ahead with something you see here, remember that you and only you are responsible for the results of your actions, and that you are responsible for the safety of your project.